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With a passion built upon creative thinking

We help you succeed

With a passion built upon creative thinking

We help you succeed

by Andreas Plüss

The future of marketing is a „customer experience business“, which there is hardly an alternative to digital transformation. Marketing will be driven by a mobile strategy and user or behavior will be regularly analyzed. Social media buttons help to get and stay in contact with the brand and make conversions and purchases.

There is no successful business without an elaborated strategy. Developing a strategy in a team is very valuable process, that ads greatly to a successful outcome.

In the execution phase factors such as change management, early and well thought internal communication are key to the success of the strategy.

Many businesses want or need to grow in order to become or stay the leader in their respective market. Today there are plenty of internet tools and tricks, which can help to reach company goals and vision.

Digital or online marketing is undoubtedly a main service of Strategy Plus Consulting (SPC). In a successful business the customer journey and experience has to be put in the centre of a marketing department. To reach the defined marketing goals, measurements such as content and inbound marketing, social media marketing, SEO, SEA, SEM or the use of chatbots need to be applied.

To lift your company into the digital age and becoming a truly customer centric
business also questions of strategy, organization, culture and power need to be addressed. For sure there is no way to stay clear of the digital age.

In order to consult and help you regularly with strategic decisions and implementations in your company we can offer you to join in your board of directors