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The Strategy Plus Consulting (SPC) Network consists of 10 business partners, who are highly experienced specialists in their respective industries.


For international SMEs being our main clients we offer Digital Strategy Development, Online Marketing as well as Digital Transformations. In all services we emphasize both the concept and development phase as well as the decisive execution phase.

Today we know that Big data and advanced analytics are creating profound new opportunities for small and large businesses. Yet we found that less than 10% of firms are able to take advantage thereof.


We provide in-depth industry expertise in IT & Software, Digital Marketing (Platform and App Marketing), Technology, Sports, Leisure & Tourism, Food & Beverage.

We combine data supported customer insights with practical expertise in operations to help our clients create fast and sustainable success.


Let's deliver the right solutions for your business

In the projects with our clients we work closely with numerous experts in order to exceed expectations of our clients. Prior to the analysis part we try to collect as much information and data from our clients as possible. The more detailed picture we have of a company the better we understand the entity and the better the outcome and success will be.


Because we offer the perfect mix of professionalism, new ideas from other industries, experience, efficiency, speed, value for money and trust.


We draw on a broad knowledge base and discussing on eye level

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Key Benefits

Customer-centric businesses build a virtuous cycle we call the customer wheel. We help companies at every stage of growth, developing custom solutions and collaborating with all levels of your business.

  • We increase your customers and revenue.
  • We lift your business into the digital age.
  • We strengthen your brand and make it more visible.
  • We have unbeatable value for money services (VFM)

Frequently asked Questions

We have in-depth knowledge and  experiences in IT and software marketing (web based and mobile apps), Food & Beverages, Sports, Lifestyle and Tourism, Technology and Services.

Depending on how we structure the project, you should expect to spend anywhere from 10-30 hours on the process over the course of an engagement.

Typically further coaching will be carried out in order to fine tune and safeguard the client’s success.

By strengthening your strategy and  brand we increase your customer base and grow your business in the long run.
Strategy Implementation
We’ve helped companies discover and grow by inventing a truly individualized approach to growth. Your success story starts here.

Recognition and Testimonials

„The management board of SSP (Germany) – The Food Travel Experts participated gladly in a Strategy Making workshop of Mr Ramanalil and Mr Pluess at the Berlin Tegel airport. With the help of their Strategy Making method and their decision making software tool they enabled us to review, clarify and partly change the strategy of SSP (Germany). At the end of the workshop we were highly pleased with the successful outcome through teamwork practices“.

Cornelius Everke, CEO SSP (Deutschland)

„I very much enjoyed working with Andreas on various assignments during our MBA studies. Andreas has a nice personality and working with him is very pleasant; not only that he is extremely responsive, but also he is proactive, reliable and showing a high work ethic. I very much appreciated his ability to communicate his ideas effectively and thus to achieve a buy-in within the group. Andreas is solution-oriented and he thoroughly and creatively evaluates various courses of action, in order to choose the best one. His strong interest, know-how and expertise especially in structured strategy making and general management make him a great partner to consult new approaches, to discuss original insights and to get qualified advice in these areas“.

Raluca Benko (Founder; Strategic Marketing and Innovation Manager)

„I worked with Andreas on a range of different assignments during our Executive MBA. I very much enjoyed working with Andreas. Through his approach I gained a good insight in his previous extensive experience especially from the sport environment. Andreas has exceptional skills within coaching always able to find the best solution for the specific situation and very good at working with people. Andreas is an excellent team player and motivator, his experience was supported by an intellect that consistently drove any group he worked in to achieve higher and higher standards; I look forward to working with him again in the future and would like to give my very best recommendation for Andreas. He is in my opinion one of the best people managers that I have meet“.

Hanne Pinholt, HR Director

„Die beiden durchgeführten Strategie Workshops halfen uns, die ganze Komplexität unserer Firma und deren Umfeld sichtbar zu machen. Neben der Strategieentwicklung hat uns Andreas Plüss bei der Verbesserung des Supply Chain Managements, bei der Firmenpräsentation für einen internationalen Partner sowie beim (Online) Marketing unterstützt und Kontakte zur Identifizierung neuer Produktionsstandorte hergestellt. Während der mehrmonatigen Zusammenarbeit war Herr Plüss außerdem stets erreichbar und hilfsbereit“.

A. Smolinski, Smolball.ch

„Eine Firmenstrategie wird methodisch erarbeitet, dazu braucht es den erfahrenen Berater – mit Andreas Plüss von Strategy Plus“.

M. Wieland, CEO SEMSEA Suchmachinenmarketing GmbH

Mr Ramanalil and Mr Pluess analyzed the whole Swiss Food Travel market and the existing portfolio of our client in detail. In a strategy workshop at Zurich Airport we developed and mapped out a new strategy. Consequently we suggested new strategic initiatives and advised how they can be put into practice.

„Verschiedene Bereiche unserer Firma sind durch das schnelle Wachstum komplexer geworden, wie etwa die Organisationsstruktur, die internen Kommunikationsprozesse sowie das Personalmanagement.

Zusammen mit Strategy Plus haben wir strategische Initiativen entwickelt und in einem separaten Implementierungs-Workshop konkrete Massnahmen bestimmt, welche nun im Rahmen eines Action Plans umgesetzt und laufend kontrolliert werden.

Die Zusammenarbeit mit Strategy Plus war effizient und motivierend und die Beratung kompetent. Wir sind überzeugt von unserer neuen Unternehmungsstrategie 2012 und sind bereits mitten in der Umsetzung!“

Mathias Böhm, CEO Suitart AG

„Andreas kenne ich schon seit Jahren als hochgeschätzten Gesprächs- u. Sparringpartner in fachlichen Angelegenheiten. Besonders schätze ich seine Art der Gesprächsführung in Strategieentwicklung und -Analyse, die ich als Teilnehmer oder Beobachter wahrnehmen konnte. Auf gekonnte Weise verbindet Andreas die verschiedenen strategischen Aspekte von Werten, Fähigkeiten und Alleinstellungsmerkmalen während er die Einzel- oder Teamgespräche moderiert“.

Andreas Fischbacher, Managing Director

„Andy was a pleasure to work for. His broad knowledge, structured and goal-oriented mindset, as well as his ability to network with people and motivate people, are only a few skills that I admired and still admire“.

Alex Tobler, CFA

Final Thesis – excellent with distinction

The final thesis of my Executive MBA comprised a portfolio analysis and strategy development analysis of the second largest Food Travel Company in the world. On that path we realized two Strategy Workshops in Berlin Tegel and Zurich Airport and conducted 4 interviews in London, Geneva and Zurich.

No matter how complex your business questions are, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to move forward.


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